New Year Resolution + Things I like about last year

posted on 05 Jan 2013 21:38 by dripdrop
First of all, I started a new year with the same lazy ass waking up in the morning.  Nothing is different for me.  Seem good, huh? Nope, when you don't have a desire to change anything new, it's a dangerous sign.  I've been the same lazy pointless person for a couple of months, long time enough and it's time to reconstruct my self now!
I wrote some of my feelings/thoughts in my Facebook wall and I'll just copy and paste them here. (Haha, this sound lame right, to put everything you think on your wall so that everyone can see them and like them and comment about them.  But, hey! You know? It's good to have an couragement, to be motivated, to feel some supportment.  This is my point of view and I already think before I post. I know what am I doing ;D)
Here it is..
-Since I feel like my life is a bit pointless in the past year and in recent times. I see the problem that if I continue living like this, there would getting worst (even though being lazy and pointless seem fine because of my nature but it won't get anything good for myself or anyone). So, I change my mind. I will change my self and get a resolution for this year eventually and hope that I will be more enthusiastic with my life and be more productive! yay for new me, hopefully XD
-The thing is, last English class the teacher asked me about things I like in last year and new year resolution... I can't think of anything for a moment, so I came back reconsidering about these things and realize that I have to do something about myself now. And after I took some time thinking about last year, I found out that actually, there are many things that I like and should be memorized about those good moments so that when I'm not in a good shaped I can look back and be thankful about those moments and people.
So, I'll get into my point. These are my new year resolutions:
1. Be fitter
2. Make plans and finish them
3. Be less lazy by set a time for relaxing and working
4. Be more spiritual
5. Read more books in English and practincing speaking more
6. Be more enthusiatic in studying in a veterinary classes
7. Be more responsible in personal life and in group work
There are more details which I won't put into my blog since it is personal and I'm too tired to type them already :P
I hope that I can do some of those ^^
Next are things I like about last year... I'm tired now so I'll write in bullet point instead
  •  apprenticing at Royal Project about dairy buffalo
    • getting to know friends better
    • met new awesome and nice people
    • watching star
    • milking a buffalo
    • did a worker job
    • playing card in the night
    • stayed up in the mountain
    • play with doggies
    • nice foods
    • tasted rice whisky
    • traveling to many cool places in Chaingmai
    • drank delicious buffalo milk, taste cheese and yogurt
    • drank tasty fresh coffee
    • etc. it was too much to explain
  • Done KU Fair work
    • Huge relieved
    • Touched by all the help from all the friends and younger fellow, I'm really appreciated
    • It had passed!
  • Go to Kampansean campus
    • nature!
    • explore hidden places w/ a friend! eg. the secret garden
    • get to know more friends that I didn't know much about
    • got circulatory concentrated by bitter sweet hot cocoa
  • Travel to Chaam without parents and other adult for the first time by myself
    • soaked in the beach all day long
    • came back even tan than ever
    • ate some nice sea foods
    • talk with random people and dog
  • Spending time with everyone I love <3
  • And a lot more that I can't think of right now plus really tired by sickness ehem

Thanks God for the past year and I'll do my best to make this year be more valuable for me and the others